NIE Number

What is an NIE Number?

An NIE (Numero de identidad de extranjero)is essentially an ID number for foreigners. You will need an NIE number if you buy a property, if you buy or insure a car, if you want to open a bank account or set up utility bills – i.e., you will need it often during your day-to-day life in Spain. Also, if you do not have an NIE number, tax authorities cannot process annual tax payments such as income and wealth tax.

Do I need to be there to apply for my NIE Number?
No; although it is better if you are. A new system has been brought in where we have to make an application for an appointment online. As it can take up to three weeks for the appointment and you may only be here for a few days we now have a draught Power of Attorney which allows us to attend the appointment for you. The cost for this is 50€ and we will then attend the appointment, submit all relevant documents and collect the NIE for you. We will also have to pay a fee at the bank which is 9,85€ per peron. This will apply if you are here in person

How long does the NIE application procedure take?
Once we have the appointment date we will just need a certified (Notarised) copy of your passport, the power of attorney, your full names, home address and the names of both of your parents. If you attend the appointment you will need a copy of your passport, the original and all the other details as above. The appointment should take no more than ten minutes and we then need to return to the police station later in the day (normally at 13.00)

When do I receive my NIE Certificate?
Now you will receive it later on the same day as the appointment

Do I need to be present to collect my NIE Certificate?
No. We will collect this on your behalf and can email a copy to you and any other interested party straight away. We can then either send the original to you or keep it safe until you return to Spain.

What paperwork do I need?
Generally just your Passport, Copies of your Passport and Passport sized photographs are required. When you book your appointment with us we shall confirm you have everything you need. For children additional information is needed and also more paperwork is required if your hold a Non-EU Passport.


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